A Summer Note from Luanne

Summer was the closest we came to pure joy when we were young.  Freedom from school, being set loose on the beach, with adventures so plentiful we didn’t even have to go looking for them.  We had a group of close “summer friends” who we’d see every year from June till September, and we’d be together from first light till we were too exhausted to do anymore. We’d swim to Gull Island, hike to Uncle Lote’s grave deep in the woods, ride our bikes to Hallmark for peach ice cream.  Once we sailed across the Sound and ran aground on Plum Island, a government facility known mainly for it’s secrecy, and were escorted off the island after promising not to go near farms, circuses, or anywhere there might be hoofed animals for at least ninety days.

We were curious and daring, and we did everything together.  So many of us have stayed close over the years.  We meet when we can—at the beach, in the city, on boats on the water.

Lately I’ve been thinking about those adventures, and realizing it’s time to have some new ones.  Walk on the beach, but maybe a different beach.  Hike a mountain trail to watch stars come out in the velvet sky.  Go somewhere new, take a path you’ve never taken before, see what’s around the bend.

Nothing stays the same, that’s a given.  Other things remain constant: the joy of summer, fresh tomatoes and basil, lemon ice, being together, walking with bare feet along the tideline, looking for starfish.  And especially, being ready for the next adventure.

What do you have planned?  Any trips, vacations?  Visits to long lost friends?  The chance to learn something new?  Kayaking, celestial navigation, electric guitar, fly fishing?

Whatever it is, I  hope you have a great summer and have the best adventure of your life.