Jodi Picoult quote for The Lemon Orchard

photo-2012-asideI feel incredibly honored to share this quote from Jodi Picoult: "THE LEMON ORCHARD is a small, lovely miracle:  a story that humanizes the plight of undocumented immigrants; that takes the political and makes it deeply and painfully personal. This is a love story - not just between two characters from different worlds, but about what we humans owe each other in debts of kindness and respect."  - Jodi Picoult, NYT bestselling author of THE STORYTELLER

Jodi writes brilliant novels.  She has such compassion and is always seeking deeper understanding of the world and everyone who lives here.  She's a humanitarian who never shies away from the questions that scare many of us, and she writes about issues that need closer examination, justice, and human kindness.  I can't wait to read her new novel, Leaving Time.  Her praise for The Lemon Orchard means so much to me.