Out on the Town

Fall in New York, everything starting up.  Last night an old friend took me down to the Lower East Side where it seemed as if everybody in the city was out doing things, all congregated on Ludlow Street--except for when we drove home and W. 14th Street was clogged with traffic, and then it seemed as if everyone in the city was at Fashion Week. We went to the Living Room for John Platt's On Your Radar and heard music by Diana Jones, Martyn Joseph, and Sally Spring.  The music was beautiful and made me all emotional and lost in a million feelings (what else is new?)  Great singers, all three, voices from the deepest places.  Diana sang from her EP "Sparrow" on the 1930's Gibson on which she'd written the songs, and Sally had a voice that made the place tremble, and Martyn brought forth--previously unheard on this earth, or at least on Ludlow Street--heavenly sounds from a guitar he'd bought in Belfast City long ago.  Just the most gorgeous guitar-playing...  One of the songs contained the phrase "Hudson Bay," and I can't remember it, but I loved it and felt transported by the music and lyrics (if anyone who was there can tell me the song I'd be so grateful.)  It was that kind of show, where it was easy to get lost in every moment, forget the details, just recall the feelings evoked by the music.

The three musicians thanked John Platt for his and WFUV's support of music, singer-songwriters.  He really is so generous and believes strongly in the musicians he supports.  Afterwards I bought CDs and had them signed and then came home after inching through fashionistas in the meat-packing district and listened to music seemingly conjured by a magical September evening.