#TheLemonOrchard Suggested Social Media

luanne_rice_lemon_orchard_social To promote to other book clubs:

  • Our book club is reading #TheLemonOrchard by @luannerice. Join us & share your thoughts! bit.ly/lemonCover
  • Are other book clubs out there reading #TheLemonOrchard by @luannerice? What do you think so far? bit.ly/lemonCover
  • Our book club’s favorite character in #TheLemonOrchard is XXX. What about you? @luannerice
  • Use #TheLemonOrchard Book Club Kit and you won’t be hosting your average book club bit.ly/lemonkit @luannerice
  • A conversation with author @luannerice, some discussion questions, and of course, cocktail recipes #TheLemonOrchard bit.ly/lemonkit

To promote to members of a book club currently reading The Lemon Orchard:

  • Stay hydrated this summer! Cocktail recipes inspired by Malibu’s Santa Monica Mountains bit.ly/lemonkit #TheLemonOrchard
  • What goes great with #TheLemonOrchard – a cocktail, of course bit.ly/lemonkit via @luannerice bit.ly/lemonCover
  • Was there a real-life John Riley? Read a conversation with @luannerice bit.ly/lemonkit #TheLemonOrchard
  • Did @luannerice spend much time along the Mexico-US border while researching #TheLemonOrchard? bit.ly/lemonkit
  • What actor(s) from Hollywood’s Golden Era did @luannerice base Lion Cushing on? bit.ly/lemonkit #TheLemonOrchard

Discussion questions, Twitter-ized:

  • Is staying in a marriage for the sake of children ever a good idea? #TheLemonOrchard bit.ly/lemonCover
  • How do Lion’s feelings for Graciela change the way you feel about him? #TheLemonOrchard
  • Is there an object you cherish because it belonged to a lost loved one? #TheLemonOrchard
  • How might Roberto & Julia’s story have turned out if Jack hadn’t become involved? #TheLemonOrchard
  • #TheLemonOrchard ends on an ambiguous note. Do you think Roberto & Julia’s story ends there, too? bit.ly/lemonCover
  • America is a land of immigrants. Did Roberto’s experience resonate with your family’s journey to America? #TheLemonOrchard
  • Do you think that most would-be immigrants have a clear picture of what life in the US is really like? #TheLemonOrchard