Silver Boat Audio

I am so happy that Blair Brown will be reading THE SILVER BOAT for audio. Blair has read many of my books-on-tape (I mean CD) and I love the warmth and wisdom in her voice.  We live near each other, so I get to experience her wonderfulness first-hand.  Aside from her incredible film work, and her iconic TV show, THE DAYS AND NIGHTS OF MOLLY DODD, she is a Tony Award-winning actor.  Whenever she appears on or off-Broadway, I attend the play and am always amazed by her deep and true performances.

A few years back Blair starred with Jill Clayburgh in  The Clean House, by Sarah Ruhl.  The set was magical, an orchard, the interior of a house, dream-like.  Blair was transcendent as ever, and it is moving to remember seeing her perform with Ms. Clayburgh.  

Both New Yorkers, we first met in Pasadena, California, where she was filming FOLLOW THE STARS HOME.  I was so excited by that; I never imagined our connection would continue through so many audio books.

THE SILVER BOAT audio will be released the same day as the novel, April 5, 2011.