Driving snow, wind howling up the Hudson River, thunder and jagged lightning, an epic storm. Torn: stay inside, write and be cozy, watch sheets of snow blow past the windows, river unseeable though the whiteout?  Or bundle up and go outside, coat-hat-scarf-gloves-boots, and feel the blizzard?

Both, as it turned out.   Last night, ice in the wind, blinding and stinging; hearing the wind roar was like standing in a kettle drum.  Cabs inching along.  A toboggan track in deep snow, leading down West 23rd St to the subway station.  And today a snow day, streets empty of cars, side streets unplowed with taxis and even a bus abandoned to the drifts.  i wanted to build a snow fort, and came upon the one above, occupied by neighborhood kids.

Click link to see some photos I took of the blizzard and the day after.  Stay warm...